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Week 6: Geometry Strand

Geometry and Spatial Sense

1. Communication Items:

  • Place your Numbers and Operations lesson in your folder – Attach Rubric
  • Next week you will bring in one child’s literature/story book and share all the math concepts you can find in it.
  • Choose a presentation topic (The Outdoors as a Context for Mathematics…Teaching Mathematics Through Musical Activities….Movement, Mathematics, and Learning…)

2. Geometry Strand (attributes of two and three dimensional shapes, composing and decomposing shapes, examples and non-examples, transformations, visualization, position, direction and distance; find and name locations)

3. Geometry Strand – Pre-K activities

  • Blocks, blocks, blocks
  • Photo example
  • Dye-cut silhouettes
  • Puppets
  • Overhead activities
  • Open Shut Them
  • Dimensional Objects and Shapes
  • Outside Activities

4. Geometry Activity Centers

  • Floor Puzzles – critical thinking and spatial awareness activity
  • Jenga – focusing on spatial and directional vocabulary
  • Symmetry Butterfly – visualizing and creating symmetrical reproductions

5. Midterm Study Guide

  • The midterm will include viewing a photo of a child engaged in “play”. From your interpretation of the photo, you will plan a broad goal, specific objective, and related activity, including open-ended questions, based on one NCTM content area strand.
  • You will need to know the NCTM strands and the components. (15 points)
  • You will identify “math” in classroom routines, transitions, and everyday activities. (10 points)

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