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Week 3: Number & Operations Strand

Number and Operations Literature:

  1. Emeka’s Gift
  2. Five Little Monkeys
  3. The M&M’s Counting Book
  4. Each Orange Had 8 Slices
  5. It’s Hard to Be Five
  6. Ten Apples Up On Top!
  7. Ten Black Dots
  8. Wee Sing and Learn 123

1. Discussion of Burns, Chapters 4 and 5

  • A Capful of Fractions
  • Math Under Pressure: with a partner, come up with two stressful “mathematical situations” you can recall experiencing as an adult.

2. Numbers and Operations Strand (NCTM Standards)

  • Counting, comparing, place value, ordinal and cardinal numbers, connecting number words, numerals, quantities, rational numbers, addition and subtraction, computation tools
  • Samples of Numbers and Operations manipulatives and visual aids (one to one correspondence manipulatives, numeral/quantity/word visuals, games, counting boxes/trays, books, subitizing ideas)

3. Numbers and Operations Activity Centers

  • Fraction Cards – investigate fractional formulas
  • Stringing Place Value – demonstrate understanding of place value from thousands to thousandths
  • Dominoes – develop a list of number sense concepts you can address by using dominoes
  • Vocabulary test – what do you remember??
  • Playing cards – various number sense concepts

4. Y.C. – Chapters 2 and 4

  • Principles in Teaching Math…
  • Numbers and Operations

To do:

  • Journal (Collaborize)
  • Watch lectures
  • Take notes on Google Docs
  • Research summary due week 4. Place in Dropbox.

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