Week 2: Blogging & Collaboration

Power Searching

Improve your  search skills with Google’s Power Searching online courses.

  • Learn tips and tricks to become a fast and effective fact-finder with Power Searching with Google.
  • Deepen your understanding of solving complex research problems using advanced Google search techniques with Advanced Power Searching with Google.
  • Join a growing global community of Power Searchers.

Review materials to implement critical thinking and search strategies into your classroom. During class time, please complete Power Searching with Google.

Power Searching is a MOOC, or massive online open course. A MOOC is “an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. MOOCs are widely seen as a major part of a larger disruptive innovation taking place in higher education. About 10% of the students who sign up typically complete the course.” Wikipedia maintains a list of MOOC course providers.


Continue your blog from EDUC 512 or begin new one. Sign up for a teacher blog at one of the websites below.

Collaborative spaces

Search strategies

Information can be found with more than just Google. Depending on the information needed, search the following sites:


Google Sites

Google Sites Examples: Teacher-created for students
Google Sites Examples: Student-created Projects