Assignment: Autobiography Production

Wetpaint Parody Commercials

As you polish your rough cut, consider:

  • Making faster cuts/edits.
  • Deleting footage that is flawed.
  • Adding an insert (INS) to speed up the pace.
  • Recording additional material (if your commercial is now too short).
  • Checking that all type is easily read (and spelled correctly).

Before class begins on week 7:

  • Ensure the video is exactly 29 seconds long.
  • Edit footage into a final cut.
  • Ensure music is licensed for use.

Please review the rubric as you are working on your assignment.

Assignment: Autobiography Pre-Production

Wetpaint Parody CommercialsBefore shooting, please:

Remember that you “make” the movie three times: 1) when you write it; 2) when you shoot it; 3) when you edit it. The moral: prepare properly for a shoot.

Take into account concept, scene description, and approach.

While shooting:

  • Ensure subjects are properly lit.
  • Implement the rule of thirds.
  • Use at least six different shot types.
  • Shoot to edit.

After shooting:

  • Upload video to computer.
  • Import footage into editing software.
  • Edit footage into a rough cut.

We will watch the rough cuts in class, give editing suggestions, add audio (foley, voiceover, soundtrack), and and work on the 29 second final cut in class. The rough cut is due week 6. A rough cut does not have to be perfect. However, it does need to have every scene filmed and placed in order, and should be complete enough to share with others to solicit feedback. The final commercial is due week 7.

Assignment: 5×5

Create one 25 second standards-based video using only five 5-second clips. Begin with an establishing shot, end with a closure shot, and include three other clips.

Submit the Project Proposal. Edit the footage, and upload it to your YouTube channel. Present the final edited video clip to the class.