Final Video

Design a video for your classroom. This video can be instructional, an introduction to a topic, or an example of a student project.

Video Pre-Production

40 pts. Due week 8

Complete the Production Organization Document (POD), and take into account concept, scene description, and approach. Complete the Project Proposal. The video must focus on an academic area. Please list the content standard in the Project Proposal. Identify the goals, audience, and purpose for the video. Assemble any needed assets (images, logos, audio, video clips). Create a storyboard using one index card for each camera angle. Identify the shot type, the subject, and draw a sketch of each scene.

The rough cut is due week 8. A rough cut does not have to be perfect. However, it does need to have every scene filmed and placed in order, and should be complete enough to share with others to solicit feedback.

Video Production 80 pts.

80 pts. Due week 9

Film the video based on your Shot List. Ensure subjects are properly lit. Record any necessary voiceover narration according to the script. Add sound effects, a soundtrack, and Foley sounds as needed. Use all nine shot types in the video. Make sure that each shot “reads.”

Present a video that uses all of the techniques you acquired during this class. The project can be presented as a multimedia presentation, on a website, or as an interactive performance. The video must be 5-10 minutes long, and must be posted online to YouTube.