TeachMeet Nashville: Blabberize


If you have seen a ventriloquist, you already understand Blabberize. It’s a simple way to make a photo look like it’s talking. Upload a photo, position a “mouth”, add a voice, and share. Here’s an example:

Here are notes from my TeachMeet Presentation in Nashville about Blabberize:

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Here’s the workflow for using Blabberize:

1. Upload a photo to Blabberize

2. Place a mouth wireframe onto photo

  • Lasso entire lower jaw.
  • Move green dots into position first, then modify the location of the purple dots.
  • The big green dot adjusts the sensitivity for how far the jaw moves.
  • You will definitely go back and fine tune these positions.

3. Add a voice

  • Record from your microphone.
  • LouderĀ sounds move the mouth farther.
  • Experiment with different volumes to achieve the desired effect.
  • Go back to Place Mouth and fine tune positions.

4. Share

  • Click save.
  • “I want this on video” saves it as a movie.
  • Embed the video.
  • Link to the video.


Sharing: Hosting Options

Once you record your content, you need to upload it. SchoolTube requires a teacher’s email address, but it is rarely blocked by districts.

Integrate into the Classroom

  • Fluency/prosody practice
  • Digital storytelling
  • Explain a concept to other students
  • Introduce your project online with Blabberize
  • Use Blabbers as assessments
  • Transform a written story into a movie/Blabber
  • Book reviews or recommendations
  • Sharing opinions
  • Project reflections