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Sliding Notes


Stealing first... not so much
I just installed Hackadelic’s Sliding Notes onto this WordPress blog. Here’s the idea: type something inside a hidden, accordion-style note. Click to reveal more info. Let’s try it in this example…

I think Sliding Notes will be helpful in my [slider title=”EDUC525″]Students learn and apply the educational uses of Web design. Emphasis is placed on making website design a teaching and learning tool. Effective design is accentuated in the course and is assessed by usability tests.
[/slider]class. Do you see how you can click on the word EDUC525. It gives more info if you need it. Very cool. So now that it works on my page, here is how to do it on your WordPress page:

  1. Download <a href=”http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/hackadelic-sliding-notes/”>Sliding Notes</a> on wordpress.org.
  2. Install the plug-in in wp-content > plugins
  3. Add <a href=”http://hackadelic.com/solutions/wordpress/sliding-notes#sample-css”>this css</a> to your style.css sheet.
  4. Type this in when you want to add a note (and make sure to add square brackets): slider title="sliderbuttontitle"note here/slider

Very cool tool. Very easy to install.

Ed Tech Wiki


I added a wiki to this site. I am using MediaWiki (the same software package use by Wikipedia). So go check it out: read a page, join the wiki, and edit a page.