Social Media

Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories: Two Ways for Professional Learning and Epic Storytelling

Snapchat: a powerful tool for sharing your story.
Instagram Stories: a powerful tool for sharing your story.

Administrators are afraid to talk about Snapchat and Instagram Stories: it’s new, it’s unknown, and it can be scary. We will demystify this platform and show how it can be a way to authentically connect with internal and external community members.

We’ll discuss these questions:
How can my school authentically share its story?
How can I authentically share my educational story?
How might we better share our school’s vision for learning?
How can we use Snapchat to show non-educators what innovative education looks like?

Today’s Meet backchannel transcript from Fall CUE 2017.

Bonus: Tara Martin has an epic Snapchat infographic that walks you through the icons and what they do.


Bill Selak Talks About New Podcasting Plans at Hillbrook

How do we make a difference in the world? In schools, how do our students make a difference? In this episode, I talk about why I podcast and share my own learning on social media. I also announce a new season of the Hillbrook CTE (Center for Teaching Excellence) podcast, a project I founded three years ago with the hopes of sharing the stories of Hillbrook teachers in order to change education everywhere.

  • Side note: this is my first ever mobile workflow for the podcast. I recorded using the Voice Memos app (unfortunately it recorded through my mediocre Bluetooth car speaker, but still, pretty rad). Uploaded to my website via the app FTP Client, and published through WordPress. My goal is to be able to create content quicker and share more, not make it perfect but only podcast every few months.