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Until recently, I was confused why there was a and a I’m not anymore. Here’s what I learned… is a publishing platform. Yes, you download it. No, you don’t use it locally (on your computer). Once downloaded from, you install WordPress onto your host’s server. When you go to your domain (like, you can log in to make changes to your web site. The cool thing about using WordPress to power your site is that you don’t need to spend hours in Dreamweaver designing a site–WordPress takes care of it for you on the server. is a free place to host a simple blog. You could go to or to

Here’s the biggest upside to paying monthly for your own host: you can create pages using WordPress. I can have a page for my resume, my photos, classes I teach, and a blog. I just click on Pages > Add New, and I have a new page on my web site. Super easy.

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BlueHost and WordPress, how I love thee!

After much consideration, I decided to use WordPress to power my site. WordPress recommends BlueHost as a hosting solution. And let me say, I have been nothing but pleased with BlueHost. Installing WordPress on to the server (hosted by was really easy. Check out this simple, straightforward how-to video if you’re interested in why BlueHost and WordPress rock: