Web design tips


Sean jumping off

Don’t do this.

Smashing Magazine gives you some easy ways to avoid bad designs. For example, make it easy (not hard) to search your page. Avoid the basic pitfall that make your web site fall to its death (see figure 1).

Do this.

Here are 40 web design services. Find a color scheme, screen capture your current page design… all sorts of cool links. And best of all, they are free resources.

Mavic Cyclocomputer manual


In hopes of making the internet just a little bit more efficient,  here is a direct link to the  Mavic manual.
I bought a Mavic cyclocomputer for my bike. It keep track of my mph, miles ridden, & cadence. It stopped working suddenly, so I reset it. It took one hour to find the manual online. Mavic is notorious for having bad online resources and customer support. This will work if your bike computer looks sorta like these pics.