The Rising Decline Project on Bill Selak Talks: Part 1 of 30

In this first episode, I introduce the first of 15 songs from my old band Rising Decline’s album Socially Acceptable Disaster. I’ll publish two episodes at a time: one is me talking about the song and connecting it to educational technology, and the other podcast episode will be the song.

So listen to this episode, then head over and listen to the song.

The Rising Decline Project on Bill Selak Talks: Part 2 of 30

You’ve listened to the episode, now listen to the song, and sing along. Free for a limited time. And by limited, I mean forever.

Note: this is the first track of the 15-track album, and episode 2 of the 30 episode podcast series.

Graduation Song

(in the key of B major)

School again,
a warm spring Saturday.
It’s half-past one, out in the sun,
stadium full.

A stranger stands
in front of everyone.
We’re dressed in black, heat on my back.
When will this end?

“It’s come to this,” they say,
“The culmination of your work has led up til today.
We hope the things you’ve done have
Left a mark on your life for the years to come.”

Sandals hug
the warm green grass below.
A beach ball flies through clear blue skies
amidst the crowd.

Words ring out from speakers near the stage.
Spoken loud: “Of you we’re proud
…enjoy your day.”

So surreal, they claim,
to watch as you’ve progressed through the stages of the game.
Before we let you,
remember us at your friends way down the road.

It seems like yesterday when I’d
skate down Slack, past the track, hang a left of Grand.
These fading memories I’ll hold as long as I can.

Downtown at the show,
or up on PCH finding spots where no one knows,
waves left to ourselves.

Evening breaks
over the setting sun.
As shadows pass, the day has passed, the thrill is gone.
The place we know
now we must leave behind.
But rest your fears, it’s been five years.
Time to move on.

As friends around depart,
a thousand others dream about the day when they will start.
The town will sleep again, until
summer turns into fall
and they all move in.