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Stepping into STEAM: Project Ideas for a More Student-Centered Classroom

Just like STEAM, this is a little bit of a lot of things mashed together in an EduAwesome way: Hour of Code, Kahoot, makerspace, Scratch, iPhoneography, Mystery Hangouts, and collaborative Google maps.



Here are websites we visited that will make your classroom more student-centered:

Here are links to paper circuitry sessions:



Taking STEAM Projects to the Next Level on Bill Selak Talks: the Jon Corippo Voxer Special Edition


In this episode, I talked with Jon Corippo about what STEAM should look like in classrooms. We talk at the 30,000 foot view, and also get into the trenches with some eduawesome examples of projects.

It should be duly noted that we recorded this entire podcast asynchronously over two weeks on Voxer. Jon recorded on an airplane, in hotels, walking down the street… you get the idea. We had no clue if this would work or not, but decided to take a risk and try it. A warning: the audio quality is not the usual pro audio, but I’m gonna go ahead and make the case that it adds character to this episode.

At the end of the podcast, I shared CUE’s new conference: Bold. Between lesson plan remixing and classroom crib redesigns, this first annual conference is going to be something special. So, sit back (unless you exercise to podcasts; in that case, pick up the pace!), and enjoy Jon and I talking about taking STEM, STEAM, and project-based learning to the next level.