Common Core

Post-Apocalyptic Skills for the Classroom: Infusing Real-Life Skills Into Instruction

When the apocalypse comes, the skill of carefully bubbling in answers will not be helpful. Hear how a panel of educators infuse real-life skills into project-based learning.

What does sewing a bag have to do with math class? We discuss using real-life skills to teach content in unexpected, unconventional ways. This gives a better understand of what students could be doing in their classrooms and makerspaces, and provides support from experts on how to support student learning through the use of project-based learning and makerspaces.

Stepping into STEAM: Project Ideas for a More Student-Centered Classroom

Just like STEAM, this is a little bit of a lot of things mashed together in an EduAwesome way: Hour of Code, Kahoot, makerspace, Scratch, iPhoneography, Mystery Hangouts, and collaborative Google maps.



Here are websites we visited that will make your classroom more student-centered:

Here are links to paper circuitry sessions: