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TeachMeet Nashville: Instantly Usable Video

Video doesn’t need to take hours to create. Most of the video you use in your classroom is available almost instantly. There are three ways to acquire instantly usable video (IUV) for your classroom:

  1. From a DVD.
  2. From a website.
  3. Created by a teacher.

Here are websites that have great educational videos:

Here is software you need to quickly create your own videos:

TeachMeet Nashville: Blabberize

TeachMeet Nashville: Blabberize

If you have seen a ventriloquist, you already understand Blabberize. It’s a simple way to make a photo look like it’s talking. Upload a photo, position a “mouth”, add a voice, and share. Here’s an example:

Here are notes from my TeachMeet Presentation in Nashville about Blabberize:

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Here’s the workflow for using Blabberize:

1. Upload a photo to Blabberize

2. Place a mouth wireframe onto photo

  • Lasso entire lower jaw.
  • Move green dots into position first, then modify the location of the purple dots.
  • The big green dot adjusts the sensitivity for how far the jaw moves.
  • You will definitely go back and fine tune these positions.

3. Add a voice

  • Record from your microphone.
  • Louder sounds move the mouth farther.
  • Experiment with different volumes to achieve the desired effect.
  • Go back to Place Mouth and fine tune positions.

4. Share

  • Click save.
  • “I want this on video” saves it as a movie.
  • Embed the video.
  • Link to the video.


Sharing: Hosting Options

Once you record your content, you need to upload it. SchoolTube requires a teacher’s email address, but it is rarely blocked by districts.

Integrate into the Classroom

  • Fluency/prosody practice
  • Digital storytelling
  • Explain a concept to other students
  • Introduce your project online with Blabberize
  • Use Blabbers as assessments
  • Transform a written story into a movie/Blabber
  • Book reviews or recommendations
  • Sharing opinions
  • Project reflections