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Bill Selak Talks About Online and Blended Learning

In this episode, I reflect on the current state of blended and online learning, and how we might improve it.

(ed)tech (bill)tech 008: From a Distance

(ed)tech (bill)tech 008: From a Distance

Sometimes you want to talk to someone that isn’t in the same room as you. In this episode of (ed)tech (bill)tech, I talk about a handful of ideas, professional and personal, for communicating from a distance:

1. Higher Ed

2. Guest Speakers

3. Possibilities for Students

  • skype in to class

4. Possibilities in Life (with wireless)

  • With wireless tether, you can skype in to party, skype in to Christmas, skype in to wedding.

In addition to the distance-based options in the podcast, I’ve also used uStream embedded into a website. We Skype for audio, and I share my screen with uStream.