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How @remind101 Saved the Day

How @remind101 Saved the Day

The semester recently ended for my EDUC 448 course at University of La Verne. Looking at my gradebook, I had one student with one assignment missing–the “signature assignment”. The assignment you had to submit to pass the course. I emailed this student several times, and never received a response. It looked like an F was in her future.

Enter Remind 101. This is a free way to text an entire class. Text students or parents about upcoming assignments and classroom adventures. I used this with my EDUC 448 students during a geometry lesson and to remind them about asynchronous meetings. So far, Remind 101 was simply an eduawesome service, but not yet the superhero in our story.

Since this was the end of course, I didn’t need my roster in Remind 101. I deleted everyone, except that one student. Suddenly, I had a way to send a reminder to just her. She responded immediately via text and was able to submit her assignment… and not fail the class. Thanks Remind 101!