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This main page is where you’ll find the latest news, comments, updates, and other blog-type stuff. Use this site to review information get links from a particular class session, and copy markup.

Shadowbox fix

Problem: Suddenly, Shadowbox-JS stopped working. It’s a fantastic plugin that displays nearly anything in a shadowbox. But, it doesn’t work.

Solution: Go to Appearance > Editor > footer.php

Add this to your footer (there shouldn’t be much there):

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

Assignment: Customized start page


Create a single web page (for you or your classroom), and set it up as your web browser’s default start page. Please include at least:

• 3 links to regularly used sites

• 1 embedded video (from,, or

• Appropriate color combinations to create a brand/style for your page (background color,

font color, font style, graphics, etc.)

• Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) attached

• 2 <div> elements

• 1 local image and 1 licensed image from an external web site

• 1 “mailto” link

Due Week 5.

Example: Tim rocks at taking photos

Tim wants to show off his amazing photos on a wp blog. Here’s how to add a shadowbox to wp.

type <a rel=”shadowbox” href=”” >Text here links to your shadowboxed page.</a>

It looks like this (below):

Check out some of my photos.

Make sure you installed Shadowbox JS plugin.

Assignment: Autobiography web site

I cannot tell a lieCreate a brief autobiographical web page using TextEdit, Notepad, Dreamweaver, or TextWrangler. Please include the following markup:

  • <html>, <head>, <title>, and <body> elements
  • Background and font colors (using the element <color>)
  • 1 picture (using the element <img src>)
  • 2 headings (using the elements <h1> through <h6>)
  • 2 paragraphs of text (using the paragraph element <p>)
  • 1 “mailto” link (using the element <a href=”mailto”>)
  • 5 hyperlinks (using the element <a href>)

Due Week 3.

syntax highlighter

You can add code to your wp using SyntaxHighlighter Evolved.

I can add html here
add more to line 2 perhaps
you can copy the line 3 code
and paste it into your html

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