Week 9: Premiere Night

Post to…

Add your final video as your signature assignment to LiveBinders. Please describe your project and share what you learned in EDUC 514.

Additionally, submit your final video as your signature assignment to TaskStream.

As always, submit your final video on the 514 submit page.

Faith Integration Questions

Please use the following questions in your IDEA evaluation: 19. This course helped me better understand the relationship of Christian beliefs and values to the discipline area of the course. 20. The professor modeled a Christian perspective on truth and life in his relationship with the students. 21. The professor created an environment that encouraged open exploration of a Christian perspective on truth and life.

To Infinity, and Beyond!

Here is where we are headed with video. Some of these sites are demos, others allow you to create videos.

    • The Wilderness Downtown is an interactive Arcade Fire music video using HTML 5.
    • If you are looking for educational videos, start at YouTube EDU. Similar to iTunesU, YouTube EDU has curated educational videos.
    • The Google Teacher Academy is a free professional development experience designed to help primary and secondary educators from around the globe get the most from innovative technologies. Produced by CUE, each Academy is an intensive, two-day event during which participants get hands-on experience with Google tools, learn about innovative instructional strategies, receive resources to share with colleagues, and immerse themselves in a supportive community of educators making impact.
    • Teachers can create an entire online course through iTunesU. Apple created a course manager that walks you though setting up and distributing an entire course through iTunesU. The entire process, including support, is free. iTunesU is an innovative way to share content online with students worldwide.
    • Power Searching with Google helps you improve your Google search skills with two courses: Power Searching and Advanced Power Searching online courses. Both courses are self-paced and include lessons in two formats: instructional videos and text. This is an excellent example of how to deliver content online.
    • The Johnny Cash Project is a global collective art project. Working with a single image and a custom drawing tool people create a personal portrait of Johnny. Work is integrated into a collective whole: a music video for “Ain’t No Grave”, rising from a sea of one-of-a-kind portraits. The project is a visual testament to how the Man in Black lives on through hearts and minds of us all.

Fair Use

Please read Pushing Back Against Legal Threats by Putting Fair Use Forward. Peter Jaszi and Patricia Aufderheide say scholars have misperceptions about copyright law and can use materials without breaking the law.

Data archiving/backup

Make sure to have a backup plan for your data. Use an external hard drive to save locally like Apple’s Airport Time Capsule, or sign up for an online backup system like Carbonite.

Video and the iPad

Read this article about incorporating iPad apps into the classroom.

Due: Final Video Production

Review the assignment. Make sure you have submitted the Project Proposal, your POD, and your storyboards (on index cards). Present a video that uses all of the techniques you acquired during this class. Present your video from your YouTube Channel.  The video must be 5-10 minutes long.