Week 6: Sound

Due: Autobiography Pre-Production

Review the assignment. Share your POD . Please hand in your storyboards (on index cards) at the beginning of class. Remember, a rough cut does not have to be perfect. However, it does need to have every scene filmed and placed in order, and should be complete enough to share with others to solicit feedback.


Here is how to use GarageBand to add a soundtrack and sound effects.

Listen to how different microphones affect a voice recording. Both external microphones are made by Blue Mic.

The etymology of the word audience is aud, or sound. What your audience/classroom hears is just as important as what they see. So, focus on the sound!


In iMovie, click on the microphone icon to add a voiceover. The audio will begin wherever the playhead is.

In MovieMaker, adding a voiceover is trickier. Here’s the workflow:

Working on a Final Cut

As you continue editing and polishing a video, think about:

  • Where can you add sound?
  • Editing pace… faster.
  • Where can you add sound?
  • Where can I speed up the editing pace?
  • What can I cut?
  • What do I need to reshoot?
  • Is all the text legible and spelled correctly?

Take some time this week to watch a few movies. Pay attention to the pace of edits.