Week 4: Lighting and Storyboard

Due: Slideware Video

Present examples of all three IUV types to the class. You do not need to submit a URL for this assignment.

Blended Learning

Ramsey talks about blended learning.

The growth of online learning in the K–12 sector is occurring both remotely through virtual schools and on campuses through blended learning. In emerging fields, definitions are important because they create a shared language that enables people to talk about the new phenomena. The following blended-learning taxonomy and definitions expand upon and refine our previous work in helping to create a shared language for the K–12 blended-learning sector. Please review the whitepaper discussing blended learning.

TED Talk about curiosity


In Part 2 of the 10 Minute Film School, Robert Rodriguez talks about lighting a film with only two worklamps:

Here are examples of soft light, hard light, three point light, and various lighting techniques:

In-Class Practice: Lighting

Please record video clips of the following lighting types/setups. Use one subject (person, stuffed animal, etc) to compare setups. Use any available lights–from worklamps from the garage to desk lamps–to practice.

  1. hard light
  2. soft light
  3. under lighting (from below)
  4. high key lighting (from above)
  5. side lighting (from only one side)
  6. key light only
  7. key light with fill light
  8. backlit (only lighting from behind)
  9. key light with background lit in an interesting way

Record short clips and submit the assignment here as an in-class assignment.