due week 7

Assignment: Movie Trailer

digital projection is a beautiful thing Create a “movie trailer”, or a slideshow, to use as an anticipatory set for an upcoming lesson using only music and still images. Before beginning, complete the Movie Trailer Form.

The trailer can be an introduction to a book, thematic unit, topic, or lesson. Compose music, or use licensed music, to create an appropriate mood for the trailer. The movie trailer should be 30-90 seconds long. It must focus on an academic area and address a content standard. Present the trailer to the class as an mp4 quicktime movie.

Here is an example for a unit on the ocean.

Assignment: Autobiography Production

Wetpaint Parody Commercials

As you polish your rough cut, consider:

  • Making faster cuts/edits.
  • Deleting footage that is flawed.
  • Adding an insert (INS) to speed up the pace.
  • Recording additional material (if your commercial is now too short).
  • Checking that all type is easily read (and spelled correctly).

Before class begins on week 7:

  • Ensure the video is exactly 29 seconds long.
  • Edit footage into a final cut.
  • Ensure music is licensed for use.

Please review the rubric as you are working on your assignment.