Week Topics Assignments
Week 1 Rules of Composition, Types of shots, Video production, Still photo composition examples Subscribe: educ514/feed and Twitter stream

Google+ Community participation weekly

Week 2 Non-linear editing, Basic editing, Making better videos, Identify types of shots, Screencast: Screencast-o-matic, Screenflow, Camtastia, & Quicktime Rules of Composition due
Week 3 Instantly Usable Video, Shooting to Edit, Movie composition and editing examples, Timecode YouTube Channel due
Week 4  
Production Organization Document (POD), Storyboard, Lighting, Making a Movie Trailer, 5×5 examples Slideware Video due
Week 5 Mobile Video, Exporting, File formats  5×5 Project due
Week 6 Sound effects, Soundtrack, Foley sounds, Editing a final cut Autobiography Pre-Production due
Week 7 Graphics, Custom titles in slideware, Photo layers Autobiography final cut dueMovie Trailer finished in class
Week 8 Advanced editing, Special effects, Work on final video Final video Pre-Production due
Week 9 Video & the iPad, Data archiving/backup, Present final videos Final video due