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Week 5: Algebra Strand

Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

Please print out (or have a copy of) the Algebra strand from the NCTM standards.

Here are books that are aligned with NCTM algebra standards:

1. Lesson Plan Format

The lesson plan is a detailed description of the “thought process” used to create an effective learning experience for children. Each component of the plan serves a specific purpose. Every lesson planned for children may not require the depth of thought and planning this format requires, however, often times this process goes on “in your head” without you being aware of the process taking place. It is important to recognize and understand the “thought” involved in planning a lesson that meets individual needs, ability levels and learning styles. It is equally important to understand the assessment process and it’s implications on students learning and instructor growth.

  • Pre-assessment to drive the lesson
  • Connection between pre-assessment, lesson objective, activity, post assessment
  • Content that is accurate, relevant, and meets identified standards
  • Activities that are developmentally appropriate
  • Variations to lesson that accommodate diverse learners
  • Pertinent materials and step-by-step procedures described in a clear manner
  • Extensions to lesson that reinforce initial lesson objective

2. Algebra Strand: sort, classify, order, patterns, symbolic notation, qualitative and quantitative change

3. Pre-K activities that support Algebra strand

  • Recognize, copy, extend, create and identify growing patterns
  • Pattern cards
  • Introduce greater than/less than/equal to symbols (>, <, =)
  • Island equation mat

4. Using models to represent addition and subtraction of whole numbers

  • Pictures
  • Objects
  • Symbols – algebraic and numerical

5. Algebra Activity Centers

  • Patterns- copying, extending, growing, generating new patterns (pre-K to 3rd)
  • Complete the Pattern (4th and 5th)
  • Button sorting (classifying by various attributes) grades pre-K to 3rd
  • Equations- dominoes equations) grade 2nd through 5th

Journal –

Think about the “algebra” activity centers you participated in today.  Tell one thing that you discovered at each center.  Why would these types of centers help some children understand number-sense and problem-solving concepts more readily? (7pts)

Due next week: Numbers and Operations Lesson Plan (1)

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