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Week Topics Reading Assignments
1Aug. 28 Syllabus Overview, explanation of responsibilities and assignment expectations, Math Anxiety, Research in Mathematics, Theoretical Perspectives (Cognitive, Environmentalism, Constructivism), Content Standards Introduction. Burns Ch. 1 Sign up for Evernote
2Sept. 4 Review Home Learning Environment research article. Burns Ch. 2, 3 Due: Complete week 1 note in Evernote
3Sept. 11 Overview of summary of research assignment, Computers in Mathematics: investigating mathematics computer programs Building Blocks and Math Steps. Moomaw Ch. 1, 2Handout:Effective Use of Computers with Young Children
4Sept. 18 Number and Operations Strand (counting, comparing, place value, ordinal and cardinal numbers, connecting number words, numerals, quantities, rational numbers, addition and subtraction, computation tools), Number & Operations Activity Centers, Principles in Teaching. Burns Ch. 4, 5Moomaw Ch. 3 Handout: Principles in Teaching Math:Number and Operations
5Sept. 25 Lesson Plan Format, Pre and post assessment, Fieldwork overview. Burns Ch. 6, 7 Due: Summary of Research
6Oct. 2 Processing Strands: Representation, Communication, Problem-Solving, Reasoning, and Connections. Burns Ch. 8
7Oct. 9 Algebra Strand (sort, classify, order, patterns, symbolic notation, qualitative and quantitative change), Algebraic Functions, Algebra Activity Centers. Moomaw Ch. 4 Due:Number and Operations Lesson Plan
8Oct. 16 Mathematics for English Language Learners, Cultural Aspects of Children Mathematics. Burns Ch. 10, 11
9Oct. 23 Geometry Strand (attributes of two and three dimensional shapes, composing and decomposing shapes, transformations, visualization, position, direction and distance; find and name locations), Geometry Activity Centers, Geometry Photo Assessment. Moomaw Ch. 5 Due:Algebra
Lesson Plan
10Oct. 30 Review of lesson plan format, Storybook Math: Book Sharing, Midterm Burns Ch. 12,13 Due:Book Sharing
11Nov. 6 Measurement Strand (compare and order, standard and non-standard units, appropriate measurement tools), Measurement Activity Centers. Moomaw Ch. 6 Handout: Using Storybooks to Help Young Children Make Sense of Math Due:Geometry
Lesson Plan
12Nov. 13 Data Analysis and Probability Strand (pose questions and gather data, classify according to attributes, parts of sets and data, likely and unlikely), Data Analysis and Probability Activity Centers. Moomaw Ch. 7 Due:Burns’ Paper
13Nov. 20 Teaching math through video. Meet online.
14Nov. 27 Literature/Math connections, Bloom’s Taxonomy, California Common Core. Moomaw Ch. 8 Due:Measurement Lesson Plan & Fieldwork Hours
15Dec. 4 Presentation of Implemented Lesson Due:Peer evaluation in class
16Dec. 11 Final Exam: Extend a math concept throughout the day. Due:Final Lesson Plan submitted on TaskStream


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