Each course’s site has in-depth reviews of weekly class meetings. It also includes links discussed in class for further exploration.

Azusa Pacific University

EDUC 514 Digital Video in the Classroom

Students are exposed to basics in video project composition. Activities include learning how to build visually effective shots, how to use music to enhance the feel of the presentation, and how to create a movie project that is designed to keep a student’s attention in the context of teaching standards-based material.

EDUC 515 Evolving Educational Technologies

This course looks at the evolution of educational technologies in their present and historical contexts. Students explore how and why some technologies endure while others do not. Attention is given to current technologies and how they can be successfully implemented into the classrooms in order to enhance both teaching and learning strategies.

EDUC 520 Creating Web Media

This course explores the use of Web-based technologies in an educational context. The class focuses on the implementation of these technologies successfully in the classroom. Attention is in the areas of audio and video podcasting as well as developing strong collaboration between students using Web 2.0 technologies.

EDUC525 Web Design for the Classroom

Students learn and apply the educational uses of web design. Emphasis is placed on making website design a teaching and learning tool. Effective design is accentuated in the course and is assessed by usability tests.

University of La Verne

EDUC 448 Mathematics for Teachers of Young Children

This course covers math curriculum for children ages three to eight based on the standards set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Guidelines of the California State Department of Education. Students will explore their own phobia, and the role teachers play in creating math phobia. They will study math with the goal of improving their own math skills, and learn to challenge and excite children in the study of math.