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Inbox Zero


I’ve heard vague mention of “Inbox Zero” in the last few years, but haven’t given much thought to it… until now.

At, Merlin gives you a handful of tips that help you get (and keep) your inbox down to zero. Here’s a few things that I am going to do starting now:

  • create way more filters so that unimportant emails (like subscriptions) skip my inbox
  • delete what I don’t care about (this is way harder than it sounds)
  • spend a few minutes each day maintaining my email account

If you want to join the club, read his first post on how to get to Inbox Zero, or , check out this 59 minute video:

Web design tips


Sean jumping off

Don’t do this.

Smashing Magazine gives you some easy ways to avoid bad designs. For example, make it easy (not hard) to search your page. Avoid the basic pitfall that make your web site fall to its death (see figure 1).

Do this.

Here are 40 web design services. Find a color scheme, screen capture your current page design… all sorts of cool links. And best of all, they are free resources.