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Stepping into STEAM: Project Ideas for a More Student-Centered Classroom

Just like STEAM, this is a little bit of a lot of things mashed together in an EduAwesome way: Hour of Code, Kahoot, makerspace, Scratch, iPhoneography, Mystery Hangouts, and collaborative Google maps.



Here are websites we visited that will make your classroom more student-centered:

Here are links to paper circuitry sessions:




At its core, a makerspace empowers students to take charge of their own learning. Learn how teacher- and student-captured documentation and assessment helps drive prototyping.

arduinoDocument student work!


Blog posts:


Hillbrook Making Examples

Grade Unit
K Drone Observations, Small groups, Bee Bots
1 ICE time, Code Sphero, textiles, Cube Project
2 ALFY, Dogzilla catapult
3 ACE Hour, BreakoutEDU, Hillbrook Sound Project, Greek Play, Scribble Bots
4 ACE Hour, Bubble maker
5 Problem-Based Science, hard problem x 2
6 Unit of Measure character, Planet model, Robotics with NXT
7 Artificial Limb, Ancient artifact archaeology
8 Capstone projects