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Comprehension is Just the Beginning: Social Learning in the Classroom

Learning is a social process. Historically, this has meant that even the most base level literature conversations have necessarily taken place in the classroom. Several tools enables teachers to embed scaffolded instruction in the text, outside the confines of the classroom. When students arrive to the discussion, they have already engaged the text in multiple ways and explored meta-textual elements. Students bring this knowledge and background to the discussions allowing for deep, meaningful conversations.


Robots Are Taking Over the World… But Should They? Sound Robotics Pedagogy.

I can program a drone to fly and take my photo. That’s amazing. Let’s talk about how we ensure that there is sound pedagogy embedded into these cutting edge lessons.

Apps like Tickle encourage users to program robots thoughtfully, and reflect on the logic behind the code. When using devices, robots, and apps, how might we design pedagogically sound lessons that teach students programming while keeping academic content at the center of the lesson?