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The #EduWin Awards (and Share Your Own!)

The #EduWin Awards (and Share Your Own!)

Last Spring I help launch the EduWin Awards. We got a few sponsors–EdReach, CUE, PBS News Hour, and Getting Smart–and created a way to shine the light on eduawesome things happening in classrooms around the world. So what is an EduWin, you ask? Well:

An #EduWin is a moment in education that should be celebrated. A project, a teachable moment, a breakthrough, a video, or simply- a helping hand.

We think that the people responsible for taking education forward- should be recognized, so we’ve created: The #EduWin Awards.

There are amazing moments, people, technologies, and situations that everyone should know about. These amazing things are happening all over the world. What have you seen?

At the Annual CUE Conference, Elizabeth Calhoon and Mike Lawrence joined me for the Inaugural #EduWin Awards, where we celebrated the honorees from the past year. While we gear up for the upcoming school year, it seemed like a good time to share last year’s nominees, and look forward as we begin a new year of sharing moments in the classroom that are eduwins.


School of Rock: GarageBand and Classroom Songwriting

Compose epic music with your students in GarageBand. Ignore plastic recorders and wood blocks, and add engaging loops of real instruments.

Write songs with students in GarageBand. Integrate music into the common core with songwriting, music theory, and creativity. In this workshop, participants will compose music for a variety of cross-curricular purposes: video soundtracks, song parodies, song form, algebra (patterning), and original compositions.

  • Develop a basic understanding of the GarageBand interface on iPad and Mac.
  • Create & edit recording.
  • Compose a song parody based on common core standards.
  • Create an original musical composition utilizing GarageBand’s loops.
  • Integrate music into various subject areas.

1. Introduction to GarageBand on Mac

  • Loops
  • Magic GarageBand
  • Recording
  • Tempo, Key, Time Signature

2. Introduction to GarageBand on iPad

  • Smart Instruments
  • Sampling

3. Add pre-recorded loops: hands-on

  • Loop categories
  • Repeat and automate loops

4. Record audio: hands-on

  • builit-in microphone
  • external microphones

5. Write a song parody based on common core standard

  • examples for language arts
  • examples for math

6. Cross-curricular ideas

  • songs to study to
  • instructional songs (written by students, for students)
  • song composition
  • song form and algebra

7. Video soundtrack

  • sync audio with video track
  • edit video
  • auto-tune and quantize
  • matching tone of music with visuals


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