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Hi, I’m Bill. I am an ISTE Kay L. Bitter Vision Award winnerISTE Emerging LeaderGoogle Certified Teacher, and I’m Leading Edge Certified in both Online & Blended Teaching and the Digital Educator certifications.

As an educator, I use technology to shape the experience of each of my students. On this website, I usually write about how technology is shaping the face of modern education. I believe that technology empowers educators to better individualize education, and empowers students to communicate in their own style.

I am a member of California State Superintendent Torlakson’s Education Technology Task Force. I’ve been co-organizer of EdCampSFBAYEdCampOCLA, and  EdCampLA (collaborative, participant-driven conferences for educators), and a huge supporter of the unconference movement.

I’ve been interviewed in ISTE’s Learning & Leading magazineTHE Journal, Lesson Planet, EduSlam, Techlandia, the Bedley Bros. podcast, and have guest posts on the ISTE BlogCUE Blog and Kleinspiration.

I spend most of my time connecting with teachers on Twitter. I have photos on Flickr, love Instagram and foosball, and am falling in love with Google+. I took a photo every day for four years.  Here’s the Photo-a-Day project: year four years 1-3 (1095 continuous days of photos).

If you have an iPad, be sure to view this site on it (the mobile version is #EduAwesome).

Where I teach

I am the Director of Technology at Hillbrook School. I have previously taught elementary music, kindergarten, and second grade in Covina-Valley Unified School District.

I teach at Azusa Pacific University in the Educational Technology Department. My courses are EDUC514 Digital Video in the Classroom, EDUC515 Evolving Educational Technologies, EDUC520 Creating Web Media, and EDUC525 Web Design for the Classroom. I’ve taught at University of La Verne in the Child Development Department teaching EDUC448 Math for Young Children, and Fresno Pacific University leading the Innovative Educator Advanced Studies Certificate.

Tim McKean and I co-founded Ed Tech Moment, a series of five-minute tutorials for integrating technology into the classroom.

Thanks for stopping by. Now, go tweet at me, look at the conferences I’ve presented at, or see what I’ve been up to on social media.


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