Fall in Love with Photography


selfie-stick-golden-gate-bridgeLearn to use your favorite camera to promote creativity in the classroom. You will learn how to take better pictures while also using apps to edit, organize, and share them.

  • Irene Gonzalez

    Bill, I think that using photography is a great way to get students engaged in a lesson. It is really great to see how they can get involved using an i-pad, camera, or even their phone. I teach 1st grade and I love the picture of U is for Umbrella. I think it is really neat because you can take a picture of yourself or even the students and display the whole alphabet. I also enjoyed watching the K-1 video where they talk about what they like doing in school and they show a picture. I appreciate the assignments that you provide, it gives us an opportunity to try out something new and see if it is something that we can use with our students.

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