Here’s What Happens When You Follow Me


wall walking
There was a time when I would look at every single person’s profile that started to follow me on Twitter. Unfortunately, that time has passed. Between Twitter, YouTube, and Google+, there are just too many notifications to keep up with. I have eight Twitter accounts alone, which doesn’t help matters. I regularly receive notifications from other (less important) sites like LinkedIn, Flickr, Pinterest, and There is a lot of noise on my phone and in my inbox.

These days, if you follow me, I ignore the notification. I’m not mean. I’m not snobby. I just get too many stinkin’ notifications. If you want me to follow you back, please say something to me. Reply to a tweet. Leave a message on a YouTube video. Comment on a Google+ post. Do something! Do anything, really. The reason I’m on these sites is to engage with passionate educators. So, engage!