Presentations are not meant to be slide after slide of bullet points. Breathe new life into presentations with engaging videos.

Integrating video into presentations

  • replace images with video clips
  • enhance content meaning through video
  • mute volume if needed

Use presentation software to edit and organize videos

  • clean way to present videos
  • avoid searching for videos during a lecture
  • videos begin at a specific time–no more fast forwarding
  • show multiple videos without editing software
  • use Keynote/PowerPoint text entrances to display notes at a specific time

Download YouTube videos

  • paste link into¬†http://clipconverter.cc/
  • watch YouTube videos if the district blocks Youtube
  • no buffering increases reliability
  • distraction-free viewing

Scale videos

  • add bullet points alongside videos
  • show multiple videos
  • combine videos with photos