16 Music Apps for Elementary Teachers


I have been teaching elementary music using an iPad for a year and a half. In that time, there are several apps that I regularly use in my class. I teach band, general music, and chorus, so feel free to pick and choose to meet your own needs. These are my most used music apps, in order of importance:

  1. Metronome Plus – $2 – keep band students at a steady tempo as they visually follow along with the beat
  2. Dropbox – free – quickly transfer files from computer to iPad without syncing
  3. Numbers – $10 – I transformed a spreadsheet into a seating chart for each class. When I take notes, they are linked to a sheet with every student.
  4. GarageBand – $5 – record, create loops, and mix your own songs
  5. Cat Piano Jr – free (paid version available) – pitched cat sounds that students love
  6. VidRhythm – free – You sing 4-6 notes, and VidRhytm creates an auto-tuned music video for you.
  7. Percussive – $2 (free version available) – variety of playable tuned percussion instruments (marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, etc)
  8. iTrump – $3 – fingering charts for teaching trumpet
  9. iBone – $3 – fingering charts for teaching trombone
  10. Sax KEYS – $1 (iPhone app) – fingering charts for teaching saxophone
  11. Flute+ Lite – free (paid version available) – fingering charts for teaching flute
  12. Cleartune – $4 – accurate chromatic tuner
  13. Flashnote Derby – $1 – simple game to practice identifying notes on treble clef
  14. Rhyme Time – $1 – rhyming dictionary
  15. PracTime – $2 (iPhone app) – practice journal for students
  16. HolidayBells – $1 – playable pitched bells
  • Gary

    I have a few more suggestions to add to the list.

    Music resources: Database of printouts of worksheets, exams, flash cards, exercises diagrams and games.

    Guitar toolkit: Guitar tuner, scales, chords.

    Tab Toolkit: Place to store and playback your sheet music. Sadly no way to print at the moment.

    Karajan: Ear training app.

  • http://www.billselak.com/ billselak

    I love Karajan. Wish I had it as an undergrad.

    I’ll have to check out Guitar Toolkit. It sounds like a useful app for lessons/beginners.

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