I sat down and talked with Lisa Dabbs (@teachwithsoul) to talk about #iste12.

Links we mention:

  1. Mouseposé
  2. New teacher chat
  3. ISTE12 Keynote #EduBros shoutout
  4. Two Fractions parody

People we mention:

  • Thanks Lisa for the shout-out to the wonderful discussion about social and emotional learning. It was really cool to share with you and everyone. @Jackiegerstein:twitter  instigated the fabulous conversation and I am so glad she did! 

  • I heard #EduAwesome things about that session.

    It was great finally meeting you in person, too!

  • You too, Bill! Happy that we finally got to meet!

  • Elana Leoni

    Great recap Bill (or should I say Professor Bill?) and Lisa. Thanks for the shout out. PS: Where can I find links to the ISTE ignite sessions? Looks like the ISTE 2012 conference site has already been transitioned to 2013.