CUE 2011 Presentation


Here are notes from my CUE Presentation in Palm Springs, Create an Online Video Library

I recorded this presentation–click here to watch the narrated version.

There’s a problem: there are not enough hours in the day to teach. Some students need more time to review/study your material to become proficient.

There’s a solution: make an online video library. Students can download/watch videos whenever they need to. You make the video once, and hundreds of students can watch it hundreds of times. Here’s how to get started.

Workflow (CSI)

  1. Create content.
  2. Share content.
  3. Integrate content.

Context (Chris Anderson’s TED Talk)

  • “crowd accelerated innovation”
  • 80 millions hours of YouTube consumed every day
  • 90% of the web’s data will be video in 4 years
  • Our brains are wired to receive video

Create: Apps for Recording

First, you need to record something. Most people think of only a video camera, but there are several easy (and quick) alternatives. You can create media using:

  • Video Camera
  • Record straight to YouTube
  • Voice memo app on iPhone (audio only) to SoundCloud
  • Jing/Screenr screen capture
  • QuickTime screen/video

Refine Video

The goal is to get content to your students. When you first begin creating content, focus on being quick. As time progresses, you can fine tune your video workflow. Eventually, you can have a polished video, complete with an intro and credits.

  • Instant/unedited
  • Quick edit/heads and tails
  • Well produced

Content is king. Quality is good, but content is more important, timeliness is more important, regularity is more important, and sustainability is more important.

Project Frequency

Think about how often you want to create videos for you students. As you begin, focus on a complicated project, or an important unit that needs extra review. Again, as time progresses, you can increase the frequency of your videos.

  • Review for big test
  • Weekly review/preview
  • Daily review


Sharing: Hosting Options

Once you record your content, you need to upload it. SchoolTube requires a teacher’s email address, but it is rarely blocked by districts.

Integrate into the Classroom

  • Online, outside of school hours
  • On-demand
  • Review on a school computer
  • Extension prompts (for advanced kids)
  • One-to-one using iPads
  • Rewatch without asking for help

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